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Listening Garden
Art Matters Festival: Conservation
March 10-14, 2020

Listening Garden installation for the Art Matters Festival exhibition on Conservation, featuring the music of The Secret Sounds of Plants.

Exhibition / Exposition: March 10th - 14th
Vernissage: March 13th 7 - 11pm [cancelled due to COVID-19]

Artists / Artistes:
Alex Apostolidis / Wasting Time
Clara Micheau/ Éclosion d’une légende de mon marais / Ton tombeau repose dans nos écrans
Susan Georgette / Sugarland, selected works
Piper Curtis / The Secret Sounds of Plants
Sonia Reboul / What Do You Want to See?
Camille Emmanuelle Legault / Prototype

Exhibition Facilitator: Mackenzie Aker

Conservation presents an eco-surrealist collection of artworks which explore notions of conservation across media, as the artists utilize memory, materiality, and technology to capture pieces of our rapidly changing environment. The selected works combine elements of documentary realism with sentimental, sensory processes to reflect specific relationships to the natural world in the face of climate change.

While binaries such as human/nature, value/trash, and dream/reality tend to structure our world and how we make sense of it, Conservation dissipates these boundaries to create embodied experiences with nature through making and feeling. The selected works raise questions about how we can document environmental change, and if on a personal level, this can serve as an act of conservation: to conserve a place, a memory, a relationship, or a life.

Conservation is not an exhibition about the apocalypse, but about complex human relationships to landscape, flora, and animal life, exploring modes of recording which flow between fact and fantasy. Visitors are encouraged to explore, touch, look, and listen their way through the space, perhaps noticing how the sculptures sway as they walk around them, or how the room feels different when seated in the Listening Garden. Fleeting moments like these are captured by the artists to invite visitors to reflect on climate change and our collective relationship with the earth.

Hear the full EP here.

Art Matters Festival | Installation | Curtis

Memes as Spectacle
The VOID//: Spectacle / Big Web Issue
January 31, 2020

A brief collection of memes centred around the theme of spectacle.

Featured in The Void Magazine’s Big Web Issue, these memes explore the sensation of becoming a spectacle simply while being oneself.

Live meme-reading/performance at the launch party at Brasserie Beabien on January 31, 2020.

From the editors: Remember when you fell three times in one day? Once before class running around the playground, you fell and scraped your knee. Just a scratch, big laugh, carry on, take a seat. Next, at recess you were running even faster and turned a sharp corner and slid on the hot concrete and busted open the other knee, but you laughed even louder, face turning red, and kept running. And finally the third time, le piece de resistance, playing four-square you rolled your ankle and fell head over heel in front of your whole middle school class: tears streaming, face the reddest it’s ever been. A rug of composure had been yanked from under your feet, and in that moment, the nakedness of entropy threw you to the wolves, eyes agape with both sympathy and schadenfreude. Somewhere in a parallel universe is another version of you, falling and re-falling ad nauseam, a glitch in the cosmos. Oh, how the moment stuck! What is falling in front of a group of people? Falling on the street? Falling emotionally with tears on the bus? How are you figured in these moments as a spectacle? Are you failing to impress and representing a rupture in the big show? We want your embarrassment, your pride, your stadium-wide moments. Show us your show or the show you're watching.

The VOID Magazine | Issue 23.1 Spectacle | Curtis

Interactive Meme Diary
November 2019 - Ongoing

Dear Diary,

I do not always find it easy to tell others how I feel. I need creative ways to express myself and to work through the things I cannot speak out loud. The meme format - text on graphic - has provided a new and unparalleled outlet for me to share my innermost thoughts and fears. By pouring out my heart onto the internet, I have shared parts of myself I never thought I could, and connected with others in the process.

I am witnessing continually the need we have to hear and be heard, to be reminded that we are not alone and that many of our experiences are deeply relatable to both those around us and people we may never have a chance to meet.

Now, I invite you to take part in this process with me by making an anonymous entry into my diary. Some of your words may inspire memes. All of your words will contribute to a collective experience of letting go, of being heard without having to speak. Check @rude_oil_pipeline and #deardiarymemes on Instagram regularly for new entries into my meme diary. <3

On November 27th, visitors to the In House Intermedia III class vernissage were invited to participate in a live installation of #deardiarymemes. Participants entered a cozy bedroom-scene one at a time wherein they could handwrite a diary entry. They were then invited to remediate their words onto IRL memes, posted around the installation.

Concordia University | Communications | Curtis

I’m Not Freaking Out, You’re Freaking Out
Three Perspectives on Self-Care... In a Zine!
November 29, 2019

This zine follow three distinct approaches for enacting self-care through art and alternative media creation.

In this zine, I continue my autotheoretical study of the practice of memeing as self-care and the therepeutic value of oversharing online. This understanding is expanded to include the community I have found through memeing and some of the collaborations that have come out of it, including a wholesome meme collaboration. Some of those memes are included in this zine. To see the rest, follow the hasgtag #uwuicidesquad on instagram.

Check out @rude_oil_pipeline on Instagram to see more meme content.

Download the zine.

Read the artist statement.

Concordia University | Communications | Bilokin, Curtis, Masella

Piper Curtis 2018
Montreal, Quebec