60x60 Concordia
February 20, 2019

Unsung is a fixed media electroacoustic piece composed in five point-source channels for 60x60 Concordia. It is an abstract piece exploring the “voice” of various source materials. Choirs rise out of the ether, calling to each other, some joining in, others offering a response.

60x60 is a one-hour long sequence of 60 one-minute-long pieces without pause. 60x60 is an interdisciplinary event with music, video, theatre, and dance components. All compositions, choreography, dramaturgy, video, performance, and lighting design are done by over 120 students.

38. Unsung, composition by Piper Curtis, Choroegraphy/Performance by Cristobal Perez Boudon (37:30).

Concordia University | Electroacoustics | Piper Curtis

Piper Curtis 2020
Montreal, Quebec