Interactive Meme Diary
November 2019 - Ongoing

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Dear Diary,

I do not always find it easy to tell others how I feel. I need creative ways to express myself and to work through the things I cannot speak out loud. The meme format - text on graphic - has provided a new and unparalleled outlet for me to share my innermost thoughts and fears. By pouring out my heart onto the internet, I have shared parts of myself I never thought I could, and connected with others in the process.

I am witnessing continually the need we have to hear and be heard, to be reminded that we are not alone and that many of our experiences are deeply relatable to both those around us and people we may never have a chance to meet.

Now, I invite you to take part in this process with me by making an anonymous entry into my diary. Some of your words may inspire memes. All of your words will contribute to a collective experience of letting go, of being heard without having to speak. Check @rude_oil_pipeline and #deardiarymemes on Instagram regularly for new entries into my meme diary. <3

On November 27th, visitors to the In House Intermedia III class vernissage were invited to participate in a live installation of #deardiarymemes. Participants entered a cozy bedroom-scene one at a time wherein they could handwrite a diary entry. They were then invited to remediate their words onto IRL memes, posted around the installation.

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Piper Curtis 2020
Montreal, Quebec