Making Time!
Hijacking Time
September 27, 2018
In re-imaging cliched representations of time, I worked within a group to focus on how time is distorted by our own perception, in particular by music. When you listen to fast-paced music, time seems to move faster. A low-tempo song might make time feel as though it has slowed down.

We decided to create four different music-based clocks. The clocks tick along to music: a fast song (200 BPM), a slow song (58 BPM), a song without any discernible beat (to evoke an amorphous sense of time, this clock has no hand), and a silent clock ticking in real-time (60 BPM).

The concept was realized through After Effects keyframe animation and coded into a web page (not live), exhibited in a closed-classroom group show on September 27, 2018.

This work was created for the Making Time! assignment in COMS 374 Intermedia II at Concordia University. Concept & music selection by Emma Cesvet, graphic design & animation by Piper Curtis, webpage layout & coding by Hunter Dewache. View report.

Concordia University | Communications | Cesvet, Curtis, Dewache

Piper Curtis 2020
Montreal, Quebec