Listening Garden
March 10-13, 2020

Listening Garden installation for the Art Matters Festival exhibition on Conservation, featuring the music of The Secret Sounds of Plants.

Exhibition / Exposition: March 10th - 13th
Vernissage: March 13th 7 - 11pm [cancelled due to COVID-19]

Artists / Artistes:
Alex Apostolidis / Wasting Time
Clara Micheau/ Éclosion d’une légende de mon marais / Ton tombeau repose dans nos écrans
Susan Georgette / Sugarland, selected works
Piper Curtis / The Secret Sounds of Plants
Sonia Reboul / What Do You Want to See?
Camille Emmanuelle Legault / Prototype

Exhibition Facilitator: Mackenzie Aker

Conservation presents an eco-surrealist collection of artworks which explore notions of conservation across media, as the artists utilize memory, materiality, and technology to capture pieces of our rapidly changing environment. The selected works combine elements of documentary realism with sentimental, sensory processes to reflect specific relationships to the natural world in the face of climate change.

While binaries such as human/nature, value/trash, and dream/reality tend to structure our world and how we make sense of it, Conservation dissipates these boundaries to create embodied experiences with nature through making and feeling. The selected works raise questions about how we can document environmental change, and if on a personal level, this can serve as an act of conservation: to conserve a place, a memory, a relationship, or a life.

Conservation is not an exhibition about the apocalypse, but about complex human relationships to landscape, flora, and animal life, exploring modes of recording which flow between fact and fantasy. Visitors are encouraged to explore, touch, look, and listen their way through the space, perhaps noticing how the sculptures sway as they walk around them, or how the room feels different when seated in the Listening Garden. Fleeting moments like these are captured by the artists to invite visitors to reflect on climate change and our collective relationship with the earth.

Hear the full EP here.

Art Matters Festival | Installation | Curtis

Piper Curtis 2020
Montreal, Quebec