Memes as Spectacle
January 31, 2020

A brief collection of memes centred around the theme of spectacle.

Featured in The Void Magazine’s Big Web Issue, these memes explore the sensation of becoming a spectacle simply while being oneself.

Live meme-reading/performance at the launch party at Brasserie Beabien on January 31, 2020.

From the editors: Remember when you fell three times in one day? Once before class running around the playground, you fell and scraped your knee. Just a scratch, big laugh, carry on, take a seat. Next, at recess you were running even faster and turned a sharp corner and slid on the hot concrete and busted open the other knee, but you laughed even louder, face turning red, and kept running. And finally the third time, le piece de resistance, playing four-square you rolled your ankle and fell head over heel in front of your whole middle school class: tears streaming, face the reddest it’s ever been. A rug of composure had been yanked from under your feet, and in that moment, the nakedness of entropy threw you to the wolves, eyes agape with both sympathy and schadenfreude. Somewhere in a parallel universe is another version of you, falling and re-falling ad nauseam, a glitch in the cosmos. Oh, how the moment stuck! What is falling in front of a group of people? Falling on the street? Falling emotionally with tears on the bus? How are you figured in these moments as a spectacle? Are you failing to impress and representing a rupture in the big show? We want your embarrassment, your pride, your stadium-wide moments. Show us your show or the show you're watching.

The VOID Magazine | Issue 23.1 Spectacle | Curtis

Piper Curtis 2020
Montreal, Quebec