Book Project
November 29, 2018
Submersive is an aquatic audiobook. The book is composed of six pages, each containing a different set of lyrics (poems) written between 2014 and 2018. The words run off of the page when inserted into the book, obscuring the meaning through time and causing the once-clear water to become cloudy.

As the words run off the page, the book reads them from a speaker submerged in its waters. Paired with a second speaker outside of the book, each reading begins outside as does the page, and is submerged as the words disappear physically and temporally -- this is the nature of sound, it is always transient and exists only in an instant.

This work was created for the Book Project in COMS 374 Intermedia II at Concordia University. For the live installation on November 29th, a motion sensor was used to trigger the reading of the book as the first page passed over it. Thank you to Laura Bardsley for writing the code.

The book can be reread, but its pages cannot. View report.

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